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At ULG orientation seminars are provided to all commencing students at the beginning of each semester. During the orientation program students will be given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the institute, its facilities and  get an introduction to the teaching and non-teaching faculty. Student can participate in various orientation activities focused on clearing their understanding of going through the enrolment process which generally includes choosing course units for enrolments.


The ULG Melbourne campus has library facilities available to all currently enrolled students. The books in the library can be accessed through the library desk. Students can also take advantage of the library space which is located in Level 1 of the building. The library is managed by a qualified librarian and is open to students 6 days a week. Free Wi-Fi, free use of PCs as well as printing, scanning and photocopying are all facilities that are readily available in the library.

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Student equity groups

For those students who are identified under an equity category, ULG will make contact with these students during orientation week to discuss the specific context of their circumstances and the support strategies UHE can offer during their study.

Fee support

Students who may experience hardship with payment of fees, ULG will evaluate their financial circumstances and provide facility to pay fees in easy instalments.

Student excursions and student events

ULG provides opportunities to participate in various student excursion and events. Students will have a fantastic chance to go places with classmates and explore all Melbourne has to offer.


At ULG we have computer labs that facilitate the student and teaching faculty for both teaching as well as recreational facilities. The computers in the labs are connected to high speed internet, which can be accessed at no additional cost.

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ULG has a special partnership with BUPA Health Insurance. You will pay less fees on doctors’ visits, specialists, x-rays and other medical treatments. BUPA health insurance is also available is many private hospitals around Australia. You can also make use of BUPA’s home doctor service. There is a 24 hours student advice line which can be reach by dialing 1300 884 235.


Our qualified counselling staff provide free career orientated academic recommendations and suggestions. We also assist students who are wanting to change their course or the choice of profession as a whole. Through the research conducted by our marketing team we will also be in a position to advise students on careers that would suit their personality and work ethics. Students will also be able to participate in learning and academic skills workshops and English language proficiency consultation. These workshops are designed to train students in terms of critical thinking, understanding plagiarism, presentation skills, digital literacy, web software tools and accessing LMS and other software. Students are also offered math support.

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English Language and Mathematics assessment is conducted during the orientation week of the commencing students. Students who are unsuccessful in attaining the required ELMA score will then be offered further language/ literacy support.

Study support will provide tutoring sessions where the main areas in which the students are struggling can be addressed including

  • Linear Algebra for Factorization and Orthogonalization

  • Linear Algebra in Graphs and Networks

  • Linear Programming

  • Statistics for Data Analytics

  • Markov Matrices and Stochastic Matrices


At ULG we want to ensure that our students have an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. During the course, problems arise. If students are not happy with decisions, they may submit an appeal for review. Once the complaint is submitted, it is handled fairly and dealt with in a way that will not cause any future complications.

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Students can seek advice for certain matter related to their study and living in Australia with a student counselor. These matters can include homesickness, understanding and getting familiar with Australian culture, relationships issues with family and friends, managing stress and anxiety, social isolation and loneliness, improving study habits and managing exam pressure. The counselling session will be a confidential service. We take responsibility to support our students through their journey of career advancement. Students will be encouraged to take workshops which are designed to help them through the above discussed difficulties that can be faced in a normal student life.


Students are welcome to join our Wi-Fi network at no additional cost. Yes, that is correct. We have free student Wi-Fi. To attain the username and password to login, feel free to visit the friendly reception team at Level 1

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The cafeteria is located at Level 2 in the building where you can score the perfect cup of coffee for just $2.00. The cafeteria is quite a busy place in the building since the barista interns do their practical tests using the cafeteria. It not only gives them an experience of a café storefront but also encourages them to indulge and network with the students actively.


UHE provides a dedicated student services officer who can help our students with all aspects of their academic life and any other personal problems. To seek help in such matter, simply contact the student services officer at ULG on any of the following topic:

  • Physical infrastructure

  • IT support

  • Moodle login and access support

  • Turn it in support

  • Computer access support

  • Student ID card

  • Wi-Fi access

  • Formal letters

  • Study guidelines

  • Immigration enquires

  • Any difficulties with your study

  • Visa assistance

  • Work permits

  • Tax File Number

  • Health care

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