Universal Learning Group (ULG) was established as an education and learning group for the specific purposes of ensuring integrity and quality assurance oversight for the provision and delivery of its Institutes’ vocational education and training programs, professional year program, English language training and Higher education programs.

ULG aims to deliver quality assured education to cater for domestic and international students. Through our unique teaching and learning experience, our students can expect to have a focused, creative and connected environment. ULG commits itself to creating a supportive work and study environment and an ethos of free intellectual inquiry among students and staff.

The head office is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, ULG provides student access to a modern, fully integrated campus over a seven-day week. Teaching is undertaken during the day, evenings and on the weekends to provide the greatest flexibility for students’ learning. ULG, through its subsidiary colleges, provides an extensive array of student service support during the day, evening and weekends as well as at other locations in Australia.


‘Our vision is to be recognised as a quality provider of education, learning and training services in and from Australia.’


To fulfil our vision:

  • We adopt stringent academic standards and operate under a robust corporate and academic governance framework.

  • We have competent people with the right expertise and creativity to achieve our goals.

  • We specialise in fields with strong opportunities for graduates prepared for globally mobile careers.

  • We provide shared as well as personal learning experiences that support the individual development of students and challenge them to acquire the skills and knowledge to confidently shape their future.

  • We want our students to contribute meaningfully to the global community.



‘Our mission is to deliver a unique teaching and learning experience that is internationally focused, creative and connected.’

To achieve our mission:

  • We offer innovative learning and education support on campus in Australia.

  • We provide the best possible teaching and learning experience for our students that is internationally focused, creative and connected.

  • We offer a distinctive set of programs that have strong industry links and we pride ourselves on producing graduates with entrepreneurial flair who have high employability and are specially equipped for international careers and work places of the future.


We place students at the front and centre of everything we do. They are encouraged and supported to learn, to succeed, to qualify, to connect and to enjoy their time whilst at ULG in Australia.

Our values are:

  • Innovation and excellent teaching and learning

  • Academic freedom

  • Academic integrity

  • Student-centred focus on quality and outcomes

  • Collaboration and community

  • Respect and inclusion

  • Safety and wellbeing


Our charter of values has been defined by the ULG Governance as being integral to the group and are regarded as central to the success of the group and to its reputation in the education and training sector. These values are core to the culture of the organisation. For staff, these values underpin a code of conduct and for students, these represent a framework for expectations and obligations of behaviour. The values which underpin the continued success of the Institute and its reputation for excellence across the education sectors are its innovative and supportive approach to its teaching and learning.

As an organization, our core values provide academic freedom and integrity to our students to focus on delivering quality outcomes. We value and respect our collaboration with our partners and encourage developing improved partner engagement and productive industry networking. The safety and well-being of our staff members and students is also a priority at our institute.

The best way to find out exactly what ULG is like is to come and see for yourself.